The CLS Principles

Capital Legislative Solutions offers a business approach that distinguishes us from other management consultant and lobbying firms.


Our Capital Legislative Solutions team has established long-term relationships throughout government agencies and legislative offices that culminate in a far-reaching network of access. Founded by Michael E. Arrington, a former member of the Maryland General Assembly and the House of Delegates of Prince George’s County in Maryland, Capital Legislative Solutions knows the right government agencies, branches, offices and individuals to effectively address client issues and needs. As a former member of this powerful body of legislators, Michael Arrington is acquainted with elected officials and legislators throughout the nation and knows many on a first-name basis.


Our Capital Legislative Solutions team provides expertise in navigating through the complexities of government. In addition to understanding how government and legislative processes work, we provide our clients with expertise on a range of issues and subject matters, with proven results in addressing and resolving issues related to multi-use real estate developments, recreational gaming, sports venues, liquor licensing, residential community development, environmental concerns, transportation and trade issues.


Our Capital Legislative Solutions team is purely results-driven. The team begins each project with the research and discussions required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements and expected outcomes. Our strategic plan development and implementation, coupled with access, are designed to achieve client goals and outcomes. As such, we proudly stand on a number of accomplishments for our clients—ranging from developing new transportation modes providing multi-state access to a new mega-size mixed-use development, to accessing government legislators to gain support of expedited permit approvals to assist a client renovating 3,000 residential units.