Connecting Two Cities on Opposite Banks of the Potomac River

Capital Legislative Solutions was the firm of choice when two areas, Northern Virginia and Prince George’s County in Maryland, needed easier access across the Potomac River. With new developments in Prince George’s County, such as National Harbor, a new 300-acre waterfront destination featuring retail outlets, hotels and the largest non-gaming convention center and hotel on the Eastern Seaboard, transportation had to improve. Capital Legislative Solutions, working with local municipalities and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), developed and executed a plan to secure funding for needed transit options between Alexandria, Virginia and National Harbor, Maryland.

In addition, Capital Legislative Solutions helped secure access to the Departments of Transportation in all related jurisdictions. The end result of streamlining the process and access to the right offices, agencies and departments? Increased multi-state public transportation modes were established in 2007. These include a dedicated bus lane on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on I-395 to connect the two jurisdictions.